i can’t wait for hockey to start so i can be a dick again

Anonyme asked: I think it's kind of offensive to keep referring to jewish people as a "jew" in those messages. It seems a bit rude and aggressive.

i see what you mean but i really don’t know. i guess it depends on who says it. you should ask a jewish person

Anonyme asked: who is the white jew who plays hockey? sorry just curious

mike cammalleri

Anonyme asked: you could use semi permanent black dye

ya i tried one yesterday but it was still not dark enough

i’m gonna try jet black next time

hastybooks replied to your post: i dyed my hair darker but it’s still t…

jet black?

ahhh oh

that’s exactly what i was looking for

Anonyme asked: judaism is not a race, it's a religion. as is islam, although many white people refer to anyone who looks middle eastern as "muslim"





it’s always trickier when it comes to jewish people but yeah, white jews aren’t poc

Jews that are racialized as white in America are not racialized as white in most parts of Europe.

It’s not even just racialization. From a genetic / ethnic perspective, ethnic Jews are not white, and often, even in America, do not pass for white.

Judaism is a religion. The Jews are an ethnic group, or an ethnoreligious group. White-skinned Jews are not uniformly racialized as white even in the USA, but certainly not in Europe, or many other places.

Ethnic group =/= race.

Ethnic groups are diverse in skin colour and features; this does not make them less an ethnic group.

Goyim need to stop policing Jewish identity, as if they have any say in how we define ourselves. News flash: Y’all don’t.

thank you for explaining it so well

i want to clarify that the whole discussion was about someone grouping a white jewish hockey player with poc hockey players

i dyed my hair darker but it’s still too brown

i want it to be the darker than black

like my soul

cleaning rich people’s shit is so well paid

Anonyme asked: There's a black boy at my school, and he honestly takes white people saying 'nigga' better than most of tumblr. He just gets their attention, and says "You're not black. You've never had that shouted at you from across the street. So shut up". And then he forgives them afterwards if they admit it was wrong to say. Notice how he DOESN'T turn it into "STFU WHITE SCUM YOU'VE NEVER BEEN OPPRESSED"





God, so many people need to take a leaf out of that awesome bloke’s book. Why is it so hard for people to not make everything a drama-filled angst orgy, I wonder?


I really love how people will take one example of a Black person doing something and then say “all other Black people should do this.” The n word is a racial slur, an epithet, it’s hurts people.

Do not police the behavior of those reacting to said slur, It’s ridiculous. I’m supposed to be nice to white people who called me the n word? I don’t think so.

Black kids are considered responsible for their behavior as soon as the exit the womb, so I think white kids and white kids alone should be held responsible for their usage of a racial slur. Stop babying them, otherwise they turn into Justin Biebers and Nash Griers. 

be nice to your bullies guise

Funny because this has actually happed on tumblr too. Where people will call out a person who’s not black using the word and try to explain. The user usally gets defensive or overly offensive and these anti-social justice fucks come out of the woodwork to talk about how that bloggers freedom of speech is sacred or that they aren’t being nice enough with the explanation or some shit. 



I can’t scroll through any feed (Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter), without seeing things like this. Pro-Israelis can only use graphics and cartoons to make their “points”…the rest of us have to suffer with real-life tragedies…